joint replacement services

Joint Replacement Service For Patients

Dr. Richard Steinfeld offers a unique service to his joint replacement surgery patients. Following surgery, each joint replacement patient will have a dedicated medical ...
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total hip replacement - direct anterior approach

Total Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach

Total hip replacement is heralded as one of the best man-made operations ever. A different method of performing this surgical ...
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exercise after surgery

How Long After Surgery Do I Need To Keep Doing My Exercises

To maintain the health of the joint and keep your ROM (Range of Motion) you should continue with the exercises for a year ...
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october is physical therapy month

October Is Physical Therapy Month

This year the American Physical Therapy Association has chosen the campaign #ChoosePt to aid in the reduction and use of opioids for pain management. How ...
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Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

The reverse total shoulder is a specially designed type of total shoulder replacement in which the position of the ball ...
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