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How Long After Surgery Do I Need To Keep Doing My Exercises

To maintain the health of the joint and keep your ROM (Range of Motion) you should continue with the exercises for a year.

Following surgery, bones, muscles and soft tissues undergo a period of healing. Failure to use the joint may cause it to heal improperly. This can limit range of motion, flexibility, function of the joint and overall surgical outcome. This makes it essential to complete physical therapy after surgery.

After surgery you can expect to have pain, swelling and inflammation. You will also be expected to begin physical therapy the day of or day after your surgery. Each day and week to follow you will find some things will be easier and some things are still difficult. You will be expected to perform your home exercise program (HEP) on a daily basis, sometimes twice daily. Progressing from home health therapy to outpatient therapy then to independence your exercises will change. Once you are discharged from outpatient physical therapy you will be given a final HEP to continue on your own. These exercises will be determined by your physical therapist to focus on the areas of weakness and to maintain proper function as you heal.

Your body’s healing process will continue for about a year after your surgery and it is highly advised to continue with your HEP during that time. If you start other activities such as golfing, tennis or going to the gym you are expected to continue with the HEP you physical therapist gave you. These exercises are specific for your injury and will focus on the areas that will help you in the healing process.

So the answer to the question . . .
How long after surgery should I continue with my exercises?
It is about 1 year after your surgery.

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