total hip replacement - direct anterior approach

Total Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach

Total hip replacement is heralded as one of the best man-made operations ever. A different method of performing this surgical procedure appears to have additional significant benefits for patients. The Direct Anterior Approach allows for a true muscle-sparing method.

No muscles are cut or removed from their bony attachments.

This has resulted in less pain, easier ability to ambulate immediately following the surgery, shorter time in the hospital, and a more rapid recovery. In fact, recovery milestones such as discontinuing a walking aid and walking distances have been noted to occur earlier in the post-operative period. It has also been demonstrated that a patient’s quality of gait returns at an earlier time than with other methods of performing this surgery.

Our patients time in the hospital is now reduced to 1-2 days. In appropriate patients this procedure can be performed in an outpatient setting as well. In short, the Direct Anterior Approach can provide a shorter time to reach functional milestones and a shorter time to recovery.

0 thoughts on “Total Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach

  • This is a real improvement in joint replacement because muscles takes a lot of time for recovery and if that can be speed during surgery, I believe the recovery will become easier.

  • Carolyn E Beedham says:

    I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Steinfeld on September 9th with the anterior approach and the surgery went very smoothly. I was a more difficult case in that I had handicap issues to begin with before the surgery, but I was in hospital for one week and rehab for 3 weeks and doing well. I can walk now without hip pain and the scar isn’t in a place where it’s really noticeable. Dr. Steinfeld did a terrific job.

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