Ganglion Impar Nerve Block

A Ganglion impar block is a short, minimally-invasive procedure that can treat chronic, neuropathic perineal pain.

If you have vague, poorly localized perineal pain that is frequently accompanied by sensations of burning or urgency, you may benefit from this block. However, since the symptoms of burning and urgency, especially if they’re associated with urination or defecation, may be secondary to a medical condition (i.e. urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infection, prostate inflammation, etc.) it is important to first consult your primary care doctor to rule out those causes.

Since the ganglion impar receives afferent pain fibers from the perineum, distal rectum, anus, distal urethra, vulva, and distal third of the vagina, this block can potentially alleviate pain originating from the above-mentioned areas. Emerging evidence also suggests that due to its sympathetic innervations, a ganglion impar block may provide relief to patients with perineal hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Ganglion impar blocks can also help relieve pain caused by:

  • Post-surgical thrombosis of perineal veins
  • Spinal cord malformations
  • Vaginal protrusion
  • Failed back surgery syndrome
  • Testicular ablation