Genitofemoral Nerve Block

Genitofemoral nerve blocks are a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for chronic pain. These nerve blocks can help in the diagnosis of chronic groin, testicular, penile, and pelvic pain conditions. In addition, Genitofemoral nerve blocks can also provide therapeutic relief by reducing pain signals originating from these nerves.

The genitofemoral nerve, because of where it is located, is at risk of being injured during lower abdominal surgery. These surgeries may include incision for a c-section, appendectomy, inguinal herniorrhaphy, or laparoscopic surgery, which commonly requires a trocar insertion. A genitofemoral nerve block is performed either with the assistance of landmarks that can be easily felt by touch (palpation), or under imaging guidance (a live x-ray or ultrasound machine) to increase the accuracy of this procedure. A local anesthetic and sometimes a steroid (cortisone) will be administered in close proximity to the nerve to block signals from reaching the brain. The cortisone serves as an anti-inflammatory.